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Are You Ready to Grow Your Business by Becoming a Published Author?

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How your unique story can be leveraged to grow your business

How becoming an author will increase sales for your business

How to increase your credibility with a self-published book.

How your book will grow your authority, income, and business

How to we can help you simplify the publishing process.

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You Are a Business Owner

So you are already an expert in your business? Then you definitely have have knowledge to share with your clients, students, and patrons.

Did you know that this knowledge can be leveraged to increase your visibility and credibility with your leads?

Find out how and why you need to make becoming an author your top priority.

PLUS...we have proven method to make this as pain-free and easy as possible!

You Are Ready to Grow Your Business

Becoming an author gives you the credibility you deserve. With that credibility comes and increase in traffic to your business and/or website, more leads, and more money in your pocket.

Show your prospective clients that you are the industry leader that they need to work with.

Becoming an author will open doors for your business and help grow it exponentially!

If you have an idea for a book, we can help you with the rest!

Rev Marketing Makes Becoming An Author Stress Free


We know the difficulties of becoming an author. We can help solidify your idea, outline your book, and write to your audience to get you the best results.


We can help you create the rough draft, write the book, and edit of your book as easy and pain free as possible. We've done this enough and have the framework to make your job easy!


Get your book seen by thousands with online marketing, social media, podcasting, and digital pieces. Become the expert in your industry. 



Dr. Greg Moody is a successful consultant and business owner. He is not just an expertsat getting authors to publish their books, but is also a multi-book author himself! Join him for this webinar to hear him discuss how easy it can be to become an author and GROW YOUR BUSINESS!

Check Out These Amazing Rev Publish Authors

And See How the Rev Publish Workshop Helped These Business Owners Become Published Authors

Stephen Del Castillo

"This workshop got me fired up to take your 90 challenge for my second book." 

Daniel Fortenberry

"Even though I've written a book with Rev Publish before, it was great to take the workshop again to get me ready for my second book." 

Sue Helsdon

"I went from overwhelmed to being able to organize my thought process so that I was able to take action on writing my book." 

“I was busy and wasn't sure I was going to jump on it because got a million other things to be doing. But we wrote our first book with you, and I loved that. And so I decided, "You know what? I need the break and I need to work on something that's going to be more intellectual and forward thinking anyway." And so I sat down and did it. And I was very, very impressed, first of all, with the quality of your information and the way you conducted it. And in fact, got fired up to take your 90 day challenge and came up with several of the topics. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.”

Stephen Del Castillo


Have More Questions?

Looking to gain an edge in business? It's time to piece together a new puzzle—the business puzzle. Diving into the world of becoming an author and getting your book published calls for a unique set of skills to complete that puzzle. That's where Rev Marketing steps in to help you navigate through those confusing puzzle pieces, empowering you to become an author and cultivate your legacy. Ready to unlock that advantage over your competitors? Seize this opportunity!


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