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Exciting News!


Fortenberry cover

Hey friends and family, it’s Rev Publishing here! We are thrilled to share something that’s close to our hearts.  Our latest book, authored by Daniel Fortenberry, is all about nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our kids.

Congratulations to Daniel, who says that growing up, his family always found creative ways to supplement their income through various hobbies. These experiences not only shaped his childhood but also led him to where he is today – running a successful Taekwondo School.

Author Fortenberry believes it’s crucial for our children to be equipped for the future, and his book aims to do just that. Using the example of a simple cookie stand, he breaks down the complexities of running a business into bite-sized lessons.

What’s amazing is that you can tailor these lessons to any hobby or skill that your family is passionate about! So, let’s prepare our children for tomorrow, today.

Click HERE to get your copy now!


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